roro (2020)

metal cloud powder

1/2 X 3 3/4 inches


The third project ro’ro, was designed under the exploration of metal 3d printing technology. It is a timepiece that utilises spiral, a formative language that can only be produced with 3D printing technology while preserving the gloss and texture of metal cloud powder.

ghogho (2020)


9*18*18 cm


The second project gho’gho, is a timepiece with a simple taste of ceramics. As there are own nature of its material, the smooth contrast of the streamlined surface is characterised by the light touch of contrast. The name gho’gho derives from a little quiet ghost covered with a cloth.

coco (2020)

concrete, glass

210*180*180 mm


The first project of o’collection is called co’co, named after cone shape. It consists of concrete and glass, and unlike ordinary clocks, the traces of hour hand and minute hand along the edge of the glass are three-dimensional.